Book Progress: 4 knighthoods, 2 Lords, 2 billionaires and 13 multi-millionaires.

44,000 words in, How Did They Do It? is now about half way towards completion. There are 29 contributors to the project and between them there are 4 knighthoods, 2 Lords, 2 billionaires and 13 multi-millionaires. Over the last few months I have visited the headquarters of Red Bull Racing, the House of Lords and Sandhurst to name a few locations. What I hope is being captured are both the specifics as to how these individuals have achieved success in their various fields as well as getting a sense of what sort of person has, for example, launched Superdry, or Time Out. In the interview I am editing at the moment, Alastair Fothergill explains in-depth how he and the team behind Planet Earth and The Blue Planet managed to film the extraordinary sequences from those two projects, both of which took many years to complete. He was also on BBC Breakfast this morning discussing his latest project, Chimpanzee, a feature-length documentary produced by Disney Nature which is out in cinemas tomorrow. In the last week, two other giants from the world of film have joined the roster, Nick Park, the creator of Wallace and Gromit and Sir Peter Bazalgette, the man behind some of the most successful television series of recent times. The latest interview to be uploaded was with BBC journalist Evan Davis.


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